How to Increase Brand Awareness with Professional Videos

Is your company searching for ways to increase brand awareness and lead generation? Video marketing should be high on your list of marketing priorities. After all, not only is video an important part of your marketing strategy, but it’s arguably the most crucial element—with 96% of people turning to videos to learn about a brand’s products or services. To help you increase your brand awareness and tell your story with professional videos, we’re sharing five tips your team should consider implementing.

But First, Why Video Marketing?

Video gives you the opportunity to engage customers who are visual and auditory learners. Because not everyone consumes content the same way, it’s vital that we give them the same content in multiple formats (i.e., blogging, social posts, and video, for example). With video marketing, you can explain and illustrate your product or service simultaneously—all while telling your story. Few other marketing tactics accomplish so much in one fell swoop.

Not to mention the impact of brands using Instagram Reels and TikTok on how today’s customers take in content. These social media platforms are making it so that our audiences expect to be able to watch a video to understand everything they need to know about a brand. In that one video, viewers want to determine whether they resonate with your story, enjoy your culture, need your product or service, or can trust your company overall.

So, the real question is: How can companies leave this opportunity on the table?

How to Increase Brand Awareness with Professional Videos

The potential of video marketing is immeasurable. In the same way that cinematic qualities draw us into seeing a movie at the theater, a well-made storytelling video can encapsulate those same qualities in a way that showcases the power of your brand.

Picture this: you are standing in front of a prospect and have one chance to make them feel the depth and power of your brand’s potential. You have a short window to show them the value of something you’ve poured hours of sweat equity into—it’s no time for shallow, cookie-cutter marketing. Professional videos solve this challenge, putting the power of storytelling in your hands.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning for this investment:

  1. Capture Your Brand’s Personality

Videos are a great venue to showcase your brand’s personality and story. Long gone are the days of stale corporate videos full of beige and grey—it’s time for vibrant storytelling. Video allows you to shine a bright light on the problems you’re solving and the culture you’re creating. Work with a video production company that can help you design a piece of content that not only showcases what you can do for your customers but also makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

  1. Be Authentic

Arguably the most important item on this list is being authentic. This is the best way to captivate your audience. With the endless influx of media coming to our phones and computers, consumers look for what feels real to them. They can quickly discern between a dry or overly-salesy corporate video and a thoughtful, well-made video that immerses them into your company’s mission and purpose.

Dig deep into your brand’s “why” to find the story that resonates with your viewer. Why should they care? What will this product or service do for their quality of life, goals, or dreams? Answering these questions will help you deliver a video that shows the customer what you’re about and how you align with their values. In the end, you will find that many of these messages will naturally flow as you plan a video concept that is true to your brand identity.

  1. Share it On Multiple Channels

When reading these video marketing tips, please be sure to write this one down. Your storytelling videos are content marketing gold. If used to their fullest extent, your videos can give you marketing mileage that other tactics simply can’t. You can use video for your social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, website, trade shows, and more. There is no end to the ways you can use this piece of content, which is one of the many reasons that video marketing has such a great return on investment.

  1. Involve Your Team

To create more brand awareness, involving your team in telling your brand’s story is crucial—it is also a great way to bring authenticity to your video. Your people are the face of your company. Without them, there isn’t much left, right? Your employees are behind the scenes making your customers happy and providing them with the solutions they need. So, it stands to reason that they can be an important part of your video approach.

This approach might mean actually including employees in your video (with their permission). Or, it could be as simple as asking for their input on what should be included in the video and what they see as the most critical value adds for your customer base. When your employees are immersed in your company daily, they can have precious insight into what interests your customers the most.

  1. Show More than You Tell

The audio in your video is vital, don’t get us wrong. But your customers may be watching your video when it’s not appropriate to have the sound on. Make sure that your videos are more visually appealing and include accurate subtitles. These elements help to ensure that you’re getting your message across, no matter where or when your prospect is watching.

Increase Your Brand Awareness with Professional Video Marketing

When your goal is to spread brand awareness, it’s crucial that you explore the potential of video marketing. Our team focuses on making a lasting impression with our videos. We use storytelling to bring brands’ visions to life and turn them into masterpieces.

Want to see for yourself? Take a look at our work.

Your company could miss out on the potential lead generation, brand awareness boosts, and revenue increases that video marketers rave about. We can help you get started, even if you’re not sure where to start right now. Reach out to Cumberland Creative to set up a free consultation. Our team is excited to share our insight and show you exactly how storytelling videos can increase your brand awareness.