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What type of Video should I use to market my business?

Once you've decided to produce a video for your business, the next step is figuring out what kind of video you should create to get the fullest value out of your marketing spend. In this blog, we'll discuss different types of video content and help you identify the best video content for your business.

Brand video

The first question business owners and marketers should ask when producing video is: "Does my company have any existing video content?" If the answer is "no," our first suggestion is always to create a brand video or "Who we are" video. Similar to an elevator pitch, this video should encapsulate who your company is and why a potential client or customer would benefit from partnering with your company. We recommend starting with a brand video for two primary reasons:

  1. To establish brand identity: Before a customer ever becomes a customer, they must first become aware of your brand. By starting with a brand video, you meet your target audience where they are at: in the exploration stage. Prospects who are just starting their buyers' journey are likely not interested in technical content and will be looking for a quick glimpse at your value proposition. A brand video accomplishes just that. 
  2. To leverage versatility: A brand video is perhaps the most versatile piece of video content that your team can produce. Brand video is suitable for numerous marketing channels such as email campaigns, social media and websites, allowing you to maximize your audience exposure while also containing costs. 

Social media video

Now that you’ve created a brand video, we recommend creating a strategic social media video campaign that pulls content from your brand video. For instance, if your brand video touches on culture, mission and value proposition, you can create three separate videos: one that expands on culture, one that expands on mission, and one that expands on value proposition. The advantage here is that most of the footage required to create these videos will have already been produced when filming the brand video, allowing you to cut production cost and time.

Cumberland Creative Pro Tip: When creating your budget for video production, be sure to factor in the cost of social ad campaigns. A video that leverages promotional tools on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will get significantly more exposure, increasing your video’s overall ROI.

Video series

Finally, once you’ve covered both brand and social video, the next step is to consider producing a video series. A video series is a sequence of videos that are strategically released as part of the same overarching project. The goal of a video series is to increase brand loyalty and drive conversions.

Similar to a television series, a video series should be structured so that each individual video or episode contributes to the narrative of the series as a whole. Take, for instance, Cumberland Creative’s award-winning video series, Tales of the American Spirit. This video series is a collection of stories showcasing the driving grit behind the American dream. Each individual video tells its own tale, however, the full impact of the video series can only be seen by watching every episode within the series.

So how does this type of video increase loyalty and drive conversions? A video series plays on the human need for closure. Consider the concept of, “binge watching.” Binge watching is a behavior in which people watch consecutive episodes in the same TV series in a relatively short time frame. What keeps people moving from episode to episode? The understanding that the story is not yet complete. The same applies to a video series. If an audience finds a video to be compelling, they will likely return to watch the remaining episodes in the series-a display of growing loyalty to your brand that often leads to a sales conversion.

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