10 Professional Video Ideas to Make Your Audience Stop Scrolling

When you have the opportunity to share something with your customers, share authenticity. Share a feeling. Share a solution that will change their life, or maybe even the world around them. Professional storytelling videos allow you to do just that. You can use video marketing to bring your story to life and make your audience feel an instant connection. But what should you share? If you’re feeling uninspired, we have a list of ten professional video ideas to fuel your creativity and jumpstart your next piece of content.

10 Marketing Video Ideas to Capture Your Customers’ Attention

1. Tell Your Story

Telling your story is one of the most effective ways to make your audience feel connected to you. Share where you started and how you’ve grown, who’s behind it, and why your customers keep choosing you time and time again. For a storytelling video of your own, share what makes you special, and don’t forget to include team members and customers who embody what your brand is all about.

2. Share a Testimonial

Do you buy products without checking the reviews first? More often than not, customers want to read reviews before spending their time and money on something. In fact, according to Podium, “93% of users say online reviews had an impact on their buying decisions.” Firsthand accounts of a product or service can speak volumes about your brand and help you build your audience’s trust.

Case studies go hand-in-hand with testimonial videos. You want your customers to understand why they should trust you with their hard-earned money and what value you can bring them. A case study video allows you to illustrate specifically what you’ve done for a customer, what the return was, and why that customer loved your service. This will give your audience insight into how you can help them, too.

3. Work with a Brand-Relevant Influencer

Another tactic is to connect with a brand-relevant influencer to create a video that resonates with your audience. You can use their story to help tell yours. A great example of this is this mini-documentary that we created for Heart & Soil Supplements. This type of video elicits a strong reaction from customers who feel a kinship with that influencer, as it’s someone they look up to, respect, or admire. You’ll see in the video’s comments that followers are connecting with the content.

4. Recruit for Your Team

Ready to recruit for your organization? Illustrate to your audience why they’re a good fit, what it can do for them, and how they’ll feel when they’re part of the team. Video allows the audience to already feel like they’re a part of your team, getting their foot in the door before they ever reach out. Any organization can take advantage of this strong recruitment tool, no matter the industry.

5. Share a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Take your audience behind the scenes to show them what goes into creating your product or offering your service. Customers can feel like they’re a part of something special when they see the time, effort, and energy that goes into your work. You can show them your facilities, let them hear first-hand stories from employees, and more, further increasing your transparency and showing your audience that they can trust you.

6. Tell Others’ Stories

This type of professional video marketing is often underutilized. Marketing doesn’t always have to speak to the customer about your company overtly. There is an opportunity to become an even greater part of their lives by creating niche content that aligns with their interests. You might consider creating your own video series that speaks to your target audience. Zero in on something they care about or something they want to learn more about and produce videos that resonate with that.

7. Demonstrate Your Product or Service

Product or service demonstrations achieve several goals. They give you a platform to help your customers, therefore building loyalty. And they also allow you to share benefits they may have been previously unaware of. When planning this video marketing tool, be sure to include how-tos, dos and don’ts, and tips and tricks. Your customers want to feel like they’re getting insider information and know they’re getting the most value out of their investment with you.

8. Celebrate a Milestone

Celebrating a milestone is a wonderful reason to create a professional video. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and your team has put in the effort to help you get there. Share a heartfelt look into what the company does, what it means to your customer base, and what you have planned for the future.

A great example of this approach is a video that Cumberland Creative produced for Christensen Arms. We created this 25th-anniversary video to show the vision and soul behind the brand, helping customers and prospects feel connected to the company’s history.

9. Introduce a Product

Rolling out a new product? Get your customers and prospects excited about the announcement with a professional video. This provides you with a venue to share the product’s features and show the audience why they’ll want to look into the product when it’s released. A great example is a video we created for Immerse—an immersive way to learn Spanish through virtual reality.

10. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve said in many of these points, videos provide you with a unique venue to showcase what makes you stand out from the crowd. Another valuable way to share information with your audience is by answering frequently asked questions. Your customers may find answers to questions they didn’t know they had. Some customers may even find that you’ve answered a question they needed before they were comfortable making the purchase.

Use Storytelling Videos to Share Your Brand

Professional videos keep your marketing fresh and your audience engaged. We are excited to share our knowledge and work with you, as we know you’ll take it and make something great for your brand. If you ever need us, we’re here for you! Let’s work together. Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule a consultation call.